How can counselling help me?

When any feelings, thoughts, or emotions become too hard to manage or handle, they can affect your emotional state, mental health or wellbeing, which may include: ​

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Fear

  • Anger

  • Guilt

  • Lack of confidence

  • Low self esteem

  • Sense of hopelessness

Talking is good for self-reflection


When faced with any personal situations, difficulties or emotions, sometimes you may not feel comfortable talking with family or friends.  Giving yourself the opportunity to talk to a counsellor, you will be able to discuss, explore, work through any issues or your emotional state and learn new practical strategies and solutions so you are able to:​

  • Gain strength and empowerment

  • Learn how to take initiative

  • Follow through on commitments

  • Manage circumstances

  • Achieve new goals

  • Feel happy and content   

You're important and you don't have to handle any situation alone.
Looking after yourself is a priority. 

Grief & Loss

Are you experiencing the loss of a loved one, a partner (through separation or divorce), a job or anything that has come to an end and feel that life is too hard to handle or you are having trouble moving on?  When you are dealing with grief and loss, you can be faced with immense feelings of sadness, anger, depression or hopelessness.  Each day may become difficult, hard to understand or comprehend, and looking into the future or moving forward in a positive way may seem impossible.

Talking about your grief and with someone who has experienced grief, could just help you get through what can be an extremely difficult time.  As tough and awful as it is, grieving is a part of life, but you don't have to go through it alone.

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Within a relationship, are you experiencing issues, concerns or problems that are controlling your relationship, or are becoming too hard to understand or work out?  Do you feel your relationship is not progressing in a positive way, or you are concerned about what is happening that is preventing a fulfilling and happy relationship?

Making the time to talk, either by yourself or with your partner can be helpful, as you are able to talk honestly and openly about your relationship issues or concerns in a confidential and safe environment.  Relationship counselling can also help you learn about what you want and need, how to communicate this in a positive way and provide you with strategies to use, if you want to get your relationship back on track.

"Making time for
yourself is not selfish,
but a priority."

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Are you struggling with finding a healthy and happy work / life balance?  Are you facing pressure or stresses from work or study, family life, have major issues or concerns about your health, need to make any decisions or choices, or are simply not happy with what you are doing or where you are going in life? 


Talking about any of these issues can help you gain a new insight into what you want, what you need to do or what would make you happy to live a successful, fulfilling and well balanced life.


Anxiety & Depression

Do you experience any form of anxiety or depression? Is your day to day life controlled by unwanted thoughts, beliefs, feelings or stresses, making each day feel like a struggle, and stopping you from having a happy, healthy and well balanced life?

Instead of thinking you should handle alone, talking can help you survive and thrive.  Making time to talk and having the opportunity to express and explore what is going on in your life, can help you gain a new way of thinking and different attitude on how to manage, change or control the way you cope with and look at life. 

"Getting through any day,
can help you prepare
for another."

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Counselling For Children

Children may find it hard to express their feelings and emotions.  Tania has extensive experience working with children, and provides an interactive counselling environment, where cognitive-behaviour therapy, play therapy techniques and strategies are used that are age appropriate and supportive for children who may be experiencing grief and loss, anxiety, depression, anger, stress, fear, guilt or lack of confidence or low self esteem. 

Parenting can be one of the hardest jobs.  Being able to support your child when they are going through a stressful or difficult time is not always easy.  Talking can help, and giving your child the opportunity to talk to a counsellor in a safe and confidential environment, can encourage them to open up and talk about what is really troubling them, and help them learn how to manage or change their way of thinking or behavior to a positive way.

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